​Zack June

Zack has been piercing since 2001

Apprenticing in West Michigan he spent a decade living in several different parts of the country learning from some of the most amazing people in the industry. He has been trained and has ample experience in any advanced piercings from the most ornate ear piercings to genitals.

As well as attending the APP conference since 2006 and having been fortunate to instruct a class specific to ear piercing, he has been a member since 2013.

Besides performing piercings Zack also is a gold jeweler and our entire gold selection is made by him and his company.

Michelle Katzelnick

Coming to us from D.C. Michelle has been piercing since 2009

Always looking to have a good conversation you can find her happy face holding down our Kalamazoo location almost everyday of the week

​Trevor Jackson

Trevor started piercing in 2013

Spending the majority of the beginning years of his career absorbing as much info as possible at Kitten Flower Boutique he was offered the ability to become fully trained by Zack and the rest of the piercers

Having been around and trusted for many years he is now the active manager and is always happy to share his wealth of knowledge