Please know that there is a piercing fee, plus the cost of jewelry.

This is not to pull one over on you, but because we carry such a large selection of jewelry for each piercing with options of glass, gold, steel, titanium, and niobium, there is a large price fluctuation.

We charge a piercing fee of $35 

Each additional piercing is $5

Body piercings $35 fee + jewelry

This includes surface anchors (microdermal)  
Piercings 6g or larger $40

Genital piercings $45

Male or female.

We recommend a consultation before to go over options of piercings and jewelry, and to double check to make sure you are suited for your choice.

If your piercing needs to be re-opened but is still pierced, it is a fee of $10.

Stretches are a fee of $5

Microdermal anchor removal is free if done by us, $10 if done elsewhere.