There is a piercing fee + cost of jewelry

We have been the leaders of body jewelry in Michigan since 2012 and carry an incredibly large selection. It is very common for us to sell jewelry for an existing piercing as much as it is for us to perform a new one, so our prices are broken into 2 parts. When you come in we will tell you the full price of your piercings/jewelry including tax long before you agree to do it. 

Piercing fee $35 

Each additional piercing is $5, I.E. the price of a pair of earlobes is $40+jewelry

Body piercings $35 fee + jewelry

This includes surface anchors (microdermal)  
Piercings 6g or larger $40

All genders/NB Genital piercings $45

We recommend a consultation before to go over options of piercings and jewelry, and to double check to make sure you are suited for your choice.

Salvage of existing piercing up to $10.

 -some piercings that haven't been worn in a long time need a little extra work to be re-inserted and this fee covers any tools we use to do it gently and with the least amount of damage as possible. 

Stretches are a fee of $5

Microdermal anchor removal is free if done by us, $10 if done elsewhere.