General faq


It is free of charge for us insert jewelry purchased from us at any time, no matter how many years you have owned it. However if jewelry is not from us unfortunately we are unable to insert it 

It is always free of charge for us to remove any jewelry or piercings no matter who or where they were done 

Here at Kitten Flower Boutique, we LOVE piercing childrens' ears, but here are a few things you need to know before bringing them in.

We will not pierce anyone who isn't able to express to us their desire to have piercings.

This typically means 4 years old and up, but there is always an exception. This also means that if your child can not express to our piercers that they want their ears pierced, we won't do them. It's unfortunate but sometimes a long drive here can be a long drive back with no piercings, and we will be happy to set an appointment to try again.  But it is important that they understand how to take care of them, what we

are doing, and more importantly that they have a postive experience and memory.

1. For all piercings please have your valid I.D. with you

It is a requirement that we photo scan your I.D. every time we do a piercing on you, even if it's your 100th time and you are a 100 years old

​2. Under 18 requires a legal guardian, and must be accompanied by the minors birth certificate and the legal guardians I.D. 

 -Ages 8 and under require an appointment which you can call at any time during business hours and set, there is no deposit

-Under 8 are done tandem to ensure as fast and least traumatic expierence as possible, this is not available to anyone over the age of 8

3. We highly recommend AGAINST talking to your child about pain.

Constantly reassuring that the piercings won't hurt is more likely to scare a child rather than talking about how pretty they will be and that it is their responsibility to not touch the piercings. We have a tendency to change our terminology such as instead of saying needle we call it "implement" and etc. There is no lying here but we still want to mitigate the nervousness we all feel when entering the studio for the first time.

 In our many years of doing this we have noticed children are very sensitive to being told something isn't going to be bad and it only makes the situation more difficult, while also taking away

our ability to connect with them using honesty.


A piercing is not only very fast but nothing more than a small pinch. There are several organizations and departments that we follow and are licensed by and many state that

we cannot perform a body piercing on any area being treated with a medication

​5. We recommend against swimming or rough sports activities while healing a fresh piercing.

We want to ensure a smooth healing process, and following aftercare instructions is the best way to ensure a healthy piercing.

6. General aftercare of piercings

In order to better understand a healing piercing it needs to be thought of in 2 distinct sections and time frames. The first and longest is your body fighting the jewelry and treating it as an infection, and the second is developing the tissure around it. Both happen independently of each other and the first is the longest.

Our aftercare always has and always will be very simple, just leave it alone and rinse it once a day. This is the same advice given by many open wound care specialists and is undoubtedly the best way to heal a piercing. 

The majority of the time we see major agitations it's the result of something like sleeping on the fresh piercing, compulsively wiping away debris with cotton swabs, or trying to change it before it's healed. These are all things that we can fix quickly and easily as long as we catch the fast enough. It's always free to come see us for a checkup even if we didn't do the piercing .

Although we carry saline spray it is important to keep in mind that having a  PH balanced isotonic solution has no added benefits to healing a piercing and most sprays are intended to clean large open wounds immediately after happening, Because the piercing is so small,even at the largest, and immediately filled with jewelry the hole itself is no longer open to worry about how much sodium is in the water. So just a basic rinse from the faucet is more than sufficient!

However this does not mean that anywater is fine and you are still open to infections from contaminated water, I.E. a water bottle that has been sitting in a car, or spray bottle which can have many forms of bacteria living on the inside.  

If you are planning on taking a trip or being in a situation where there is no clean running water for more than 24 hours we suggest purchasing a bottle of saline spray as it is sterilized and under pressure so there is no concern of contamination.