If jewelry has been purchased from us, a jewelry change is free of charge, we will always be happy to swap back and forth between your favorite pieces for you as often as you'd like. 

We are unable to put in jewelry purchased online or at other studios!

If your piercing needs to be re-opened but is still pierced it is a fee of $10

Stretches are a fee of $5

Microdermal anchor removal is free if done by us, $10 if done elsewhere.

Here at Kitten Flower Boutique, we LOVE piercing childrens' ears, but here are a few things you need to know before bringing them in.

We will not pierce anyone who isn't able to express to us their desire to have piercings.

This typically means 4 years old and up, but there is always an exception. This also means that if your child can not express to our piercers that they want their ears pierced, we won't do them. It's unfortunate but sometimes a long drive here can be a long drive back with no piercings, and we will be happy to set an appointment to try again.  But it is important that they understand how to take care of them, what we

are doing, and more importantly that they have a postive experience and memory.

1. 8 and under require an appointment

This is to ensure will have 2 piercers ready to simultaneously do both ears.  9 years and up are done on a walk in basis, unfortunately we are too busy to offer the tandem piercings for everyone so expect just 1 at at time!

​2. We require your I.D. and your child's government-issued birth certificate. 

3. We highly recommend AGAINST talking to your child about pain.

A parent that is constantly reassuring that the piercings won't hurt is more likely to scare a child rather than talking about how pretty they will be and that it is their responsibility to not touch the piercings. We will inform them right before piercing them that there will be a slight pinch but any more than that becomes more damaging than good as it doesn't relax them.

4. Piercing fee for children's earlobe appointments is $40.

The slightly higher fee is because we have 2 piercers working at once to make the process as quick as possible.

​5. We recommend against swimming or rough sports activities while healing a fresh piercing.

We want to ensure a smooth healing process, and following aftercare instructions is the best way to ensure a healthy piercing.